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Access positive psychology based training content on demand and learn to expand beyond your comfort zone. Fun, practical and scientific. Enroll in instructor-led bootcamps for those more serious trainees. All journeys lead to a more improved you.

Strength & Solution Coaching

You have problems. No worries. We have learning opportunities. Get coached to GROW from stress and create healthy habits for reaching your goals. BrainAdvizor coaches tap into evidence based practices to support you when you need it the most.

Community Feel

Energize your experience with like minded members who seek greater connection in this fast paced world. Engage, support and motivate one another to train hard and gain more benefits. Or simply share your thoughts, likes and wisdom of personal development.

Use your unique abilities & mental strengths to create what you want

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But what is Positive Psychology?

The science of Positive Psychology (a.k.a. PosPsy) is a newer branch of psychology that researches what goes right with people and societies, rather than what goes wrong. Finally! And now it’s available for you to use to survive less and thrive more.

Learn From The Best Researchers

We create and curate engaging training content from the brightest of the positive psychology research community. Thanks to them we are now able to tap into powerful, scientifically proven  practices that can lift our limits and guide us to our best flow….

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Explore the Training Videos BrainAdvizor

Explore the Training Videos

There’s always time to watch a few videos. Train your brain with engaging content and practical exercises that you can access whenever you need it the most. Search by problem to discover your learning opportunity and experience something different.


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